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Acrylic mural paint on transportable paper

2 m X 1.5 m

Having met Sally Price, the inspiring director of the "Old Vic" theatre on the occasion of a talk by her at the London Business School, I felt a kind of mid-life crisis sweeping over me, on return to the studio, and decided to "offer" myself a sports car, in the form of a little convertible BMW from the local post-office.

Painting it by day and night, it soon materialized in 2D, giving me the pleasure I may have had driving it, without the immense bore of having to learn, and pass, the highway code, not to mention the costs of ownership and keep, as well as, yes!, the associated carbon foot print.

Like a sweet yellow candy, it floats above the ground.
An article in "The Guardian", in the late nineties, presented future cars that may cruise 1 meter above the surface of our motorways, rather like hoovercrafts do above the waters of the Channel...

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'The Toy Car'
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