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This is the entrance to our edwardian baroque classic renaissance building, formerly known as the Deptford reference library, of which the first stone was laid 2 weeks before the beginning of the second world war.

It was even lending out LPs after the sixties and became squatted in the nineties, to house many rave and dance nights, before being reclaimed by a local community group and refurbished into this home for 50 artists' studios.

The building features a gorgeous marble staircase leading to the first floor and it's stuccoed curved ceiling below a glass roof, most suitable for painters' practices.
It's gallery, to the right of the entrance hallway, attracts a variety of artists, with the occasional Art House member's show, with collectors and audiences coming from the surrounding area but sometimes internationally, as some did on the occasion of my 'Cars Series' exhibition in November 2009.

The Deptford Art Map last Friday of the month evening event brings visitors to our local art network in ways similar to those of the first Thursday of the month in Hackney.

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'Lewisham Arthouse'
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