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Mural acrylics and aluminium paint on transportable 300 gsm Fabriano paper

6 m X 1.5 m

This mural was completed as the twin towers collapsed in New York in 2001, after a summer of painting in the common room of the church were I live, during which I had absorbed an unusual amount of world news when reading broadsheet newspapers.
The central colourful cars and freeway, as well as galloping horses, stem from a series of photographs taken in Texas while on a visit to my large family in Dallas and Amarillo. Sat to the left of the wide cadillac in the foreground, the only human beings in the entire series of car murals and paintings which I painted from then up until 2007, my two aunties, Marion at the wheel, and Celia at the back, are waiting for me to enter through the open right door.
In black and white, to the left and right of the mural, crushed and piled up cars, truck and moped from photography of a scrap yard in Hendon, North London.

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